Welcome to the International Research Laboratory “Transnationalism and Migration Processes: Comparative and Institutional Analysis” (TANDeM) at St. Petersburg State University!

Russia is the second largest immigrant receiving nation in the world, with most immigrants coming from former Soviet states. The complexity of the region can be seen by the fact that Ukraine and Kazakhstan are significant both as nations of emigration and immigration. It is reasonable to contend that immigration in this part of the globe has not received the research attention it merits.

It is with this in mind that the agenda at TANDEM is being developed, seeking to play a part in redressing this situation. Such an agenda will build on both empirical research and theoretical developments derived from other places around the globe, but always with attentiveness to distinctive regional variations. Indeed, the task ahead is not only to expand the body of empirical research on Russia, but to reflect on whether or not existing conceptual frameworks are in need of revision in order to adequately account for unique features of the Russian case.

Peter Kivisto, Tandem Co-Director

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