Aug 1

Interview with Peter Kivisto

  Can you tell us about where you are from, and a bit about your family and educational background? I grew up in an iron mining town of about 10,000 in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, near Lake Superior.  It was a multi-ethnic place with large concentrations of various European origin groups, including the Cornish, English, Finns, […]

Apr 19

Defending Migrants Rights on Sporting Mega-Events

On April 19, Jin Suk Lee, director of the global campaigns and program coordinator for the protection of migrant workers’ rights at the Building and Wood Workers International (BWI), presented in the TANDEM the the report on inclusion of migrants in trade unions. The author discussed difficulties and achievements of these processes using football championships mega-constructions in Ukraine, Russia and […]

Mar 31

The Lab Receives Support for Studying Transnationalism

According to the results of open and highly competitive evaluation procedure, Russian Govoernment supports the project called “Transnationalism as a New Model of Integration: Comparative Analysis of the Migrants’ Everyday Life in Russia”. The overall goal of the Project is to find out basic mechanisms that determine processes of social integration in the new paradigm […]

Mar 16

Lab’s Members Translate the Book on Public Sphere

TANDEM members Dmitrii Zhikharevich and Andrey V. Rezaev proudly present a Russian translation of the book “Civilizing the Public Sphere: Distrust, Trust and Corruption”, (Palgrave Studies in European Political Sociology) written by the greek but also as a swedish scientist Aposotlis Papakostas. The book was highly acclaimed by the sociological community (e.g., see P. Sztompka […]