We the laboratory, pay great attention to cooperation in the field of international collaborative programs and research. Both new challenges for the current situation and the social significance of studying the global migration processes require strengthening of internationalization and establishing the new quality of international cooperation in this area. Therefore laboratory “TANDEM” can not survive without permanent dialogue with foreign counterparts, organizes international events and is ready for broad mutually beneficial international cooperation.

David Weakliem

University of Connecticut, USA
Prof. Weakliem provided the lecture on quantitative methods in comparative analysis of migration.

Maurice Crul

Dr. Crul provided a lecture for both the TANDEM unit and MA-level students of the Program “Studies in European Societies”. The lecture was devoted to the IMISCOE goals.

Frans Lelie

TIES: The Integration of the European Second
Frans Lelie provided the great amount of materials connected with the processes of accomodating migrants into the whole new society. 

Larissa Remennick

Bar-Ilan University, Israel
The major questions in the dr. Remennick’s lecture were: what is diaspora? what is the way we think about the Alyiah for the Soviet culture? what are the ways to deal with transnational Russian community in Israel?

Marharyta Fabrykant

Belarussian State University, Higher School of Economics
Dr. Fabrykant provided a profitable lecture on how the notion ‘nationalism’  survives and feels comfortable in a post-nationalist age

Alla Marchenko

Kyiv National University
Prof. Marchenko gave a lecture on the current processes in the hasid movement toward the Ukraine. She also had a chance to evaluate the processes of early-soviet nation building conreted in the architecture of 1920-s.

Michael Burawoy

University of California, Berkeley (USA)
Prof. Burawoy provided a lecture on how to become of whate he call a “public sociologist”. The Lab team had a great pleasure to speak with him on the matter of transnationalism and to receive very fuitful considerations.

Gregory Sandstrom

Department of Core Curriculum, European Humanities University Vilnius, Lithuania
Prof. Sandstrom gave a lecture both on the comparative analysis of human beings and puzzling ideas on the evolution of humanities.

Anoyatsho Muborakshoev

Construction and Building Materials Workers Union of Tajikistan
Mr. Muborakshoev provided the report on the role of trade unions in the processes of social protection of migrant workers.

Jin-Sook Lee

BWI Migration, Gender & Campaign Director
Mr. Lee gave a talk on the issues of interbational cooperation to protect the rights of migrant workers in the preparations for the 2018 World Cup in Russia as well as other global construcction events.