Labor Migrants in Russia: the Problems of Social Inclusion and Social Exclusion


The book prepared for publication deals with the reality of the labor migrants social existence. The focus is on the problems of social inclusion and social exclusion of labor migrants into the everyday life of the accepted communities.
The labor migrants’integration problem is one of the hot topic in comtemporary sociology. Such problems are under scrutiny of ordinary people and authorities in Russia.
Sociology of migration is a new and rapidly developing discipline in Russia.
The authors make a summary of their field research conducted during 2009-2014 in Russian cities: St. Petersburg and Ivanovo. The text brings together real stories of the labor migrants, their everyday life experiences.
The study is based on theoretical and methodological outcomes that have been introduced and discussed at the World International Forums (Yokohama, 2014; Uppsala 2013; Stockholm 2010; Barcelona 2009)
The text is prepared for the broad public.